Monday, August 11, 2014

Pirate Creed

"Pirates Creed" 
by Spring
Every man to be called fairly 
in turn allowed a shift of clothes 
a plate 
but if they steel the company 
of a jewel or gold 
marooning be the fate 
If the robbery is betwixt one another 
they contented themselves 
with slitting the ears and nose 
of him that is guilty 
set him ashore in an uninhabited place 
somewhere where is was sure to encounter 
hardship ARGGGG...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Dragon Slayer

I used to love
dragon slaying books
as a kid
There was always some 
tough, brave little girl
who in the end would figure out the Dragons Weakness and save the Village

Daily Life 
is very much a Baby Dragon 
every day I wake
 to some small or large task 
that must be concord
Good Luck
My fellow Baby Dragon Slayers

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Leap Of Faith Project


chocolate autumn leaves

  surreal Serene woman

 lays relaxing

 earths texture

 nude goddess

 physical eyes Divine

 soul Love Desire


 Leap of Faith Project 

Windy Springs Art 

Original Painting

A Cute New Friend Of mine 
is Taking a Poetry Class at UH
 She Read at a Dinner Party 
a Few Poems She had written
and Described to Me that each Poem 
has a Formula 
I vaguely Remember my Grandmother Teaching Me this
 She was a Poet and Artist
I have Struggled as an adult and on my Blog 
Well The Truth is I am A Self taught Artist 
I Continue to Desire 
to Learn 
How to Write!!!
Life Long Projects
<3 i="">

Friday, August 2, 2013

Want Vrs. Need

Sometimes a Girls Just Got to Put Down a Thought

The Thought Ive been Having Lately has to do with 

Ask and you shall receive
well sometimes but no not always 
Why Why Why

so we Try 
Struggle, beg, pray, sweat, Dream, fight, become frustrated, wait, push, pull...

on & on
our Heads Trip
Wanting Creates 
a Challenge in our Mind 
A Frustration of Not Having

Tho Shalt Not Want

Yet Sometimes we Get
But Notice 
We Needed what we Got
when we don't NEED it
We do not get it
no matter How Hard We Try

We Have Everything we NEED
and for that I am Grateful

 Icarus By Spring