Monday, January 4, 2010

when i was little my grama would put out treats for all the little forest creatures.  she would take pictures of them and we would paint together for hours while the birds, coons, turtles, rabbits, opposums, deer, frogs ... would snack at the edge of her woods.

this is my grandmother Frances Ison Smith
she and my grandfather used to travel across the southwest in a ranch wagon and stop along the way to sell her
beautiful little nature pictures.
my grandfather would work at ranch after ranch to round up cattle, repair fence etc... my grama would cook for the workers and while raising my daddy she would paint and paint and paint!!!  so when i was a menina i would tag along on artistic adventures and we would saturate ourselves in the beauty of nature around us at play recreating what we saw and paint and paint and paint!!!

and here i am, windy spring, still
doing the same thing i did when i was with my granny.
in loving memory of


  1. That's a beautiful family story! What great memories to have of your grandma. I dropped the pictures off at Hanzawa's today. Talk to you later. Aloha, Jen

  2. thank you so much 4 following my blog, i am so exited 2 b here!!! i got the pics they r great.

  3. How sweet! And what a great pic of you! I always love to hear your stories about your granny!