Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet MRS. BRENDA P. my highschool art teacher

My last day of sixth grade I got to tour the highschool
so I could find the lou the following year.  I was so
exited because I had just been told that I would have
~ART CLASS~.  School was finaly going to have a purpose for me.  I truely believed
that i would go to art class everyday all day since that is what I wanted
to do when I grew up and was'nt the whole point of school to prepare you for
your future.
                Well a couple of misrable school years later I finally got my coveted
art classes,  by that time I was hip to high school and realised that I could skip classes
and hide out in the art room to work on my latest projects.
                  I now realise that my art teacher must have covered for me quiet a bit
and probley took some heat when the principle would occasionally figure out were I was.
After repeated missed classes I think they all just gave up and gave in to the fact that I would survive
highschool in the art room right were I belonged.
                  Not only did she cover for me so I could be absorbed in art the way I needed
to be, but she personally made sure that I entered art contests and drove me to diffrent schools
to see the art shows.
                  So today, 16 years later, out goes my heart felt appreciation and thanks for my fabulous
highschool art teacher MRS. BRENDA P.


  1. these are the memories that shaped my life into what i am today, thanks to the people in it who cared!!!