Monday, February 1, 2010

the Night Marchers, or Hukai-po.

pialie bay
there is a hawaiian heiau
in this valley
heiau is the shrine
where the bones of the chief were kept
a most sacred place
and when you live hawaii
your sure to see...


Who are they?

Night Marchers are ghostly apparitions of a band of beings who move with purpose to the beat of primitive pounding drums. Some say they are armed spirit warriors en route to or from battle. Perhaps these restless souls are looking to reclaim rightful territory, replay a battle gone awry, or avenge their own deaths. Some say the Night Marchers are searching methodically for an entrance into the next world.

Night Marchers are said to roam through very specific locations on the islands, between seashore and mountains and are often recognized by their raised torches and chants. Most active at night and are said to march on certain nights designated by the moon. Although the Night Marchers allegedly float a few inches off the ground, some local accounts tell of seeing mysterious footprints in their path after they’ve passed.

What to do when happening upon a night march in progress? The ghostly procession must never be interrupted. Legend has it that resting your eyes upon the Night Marchers could signal a grim fate for the perpetrator, a friend or relative, so witnesses are urged to crouch low to the ground, “play dead” and avert the eyes. Any sound or movement could invite a Night Marcher’s deadly glance. These Night Marchers are set diligently upon their destination and are not considered spirits that will deviate from their path to haunt humans.

Locals will tell you they very much believe in their existence. If you happen to be in the path of the Night Marchers and the faint sound of drumming sends a chill up your neck, remember to show the ancient warriors respect through solitude.

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