Monday, August 9, 2010

A little bit of my Painting History!

A funny little tidbit of info...
This is the first One  of a Serious Series of Acrylic Paintings
I ever Painted 12 years ago!
My sister and several friends
grabbed up my first paintings
as quickly as I made them (they where my biggest fans!!!) and so scattered around the country there are about 10 "Spring" fairytale paintings
and this was the first one.
I still remember the others as friends have shown me photos of them in their homes over the years but I had totally forgotten this one until my sister showed me recently.
Such a trip down memory lane when I saw it again.
I couldn't believe that I painted that well my first time, I was sooo nervous about messing it up.
It is 12 years old now and I am going to give it some touching up!


  1. I love your art work,Your colors, and the subjects, I wish I could see your art in person, I am comming to Hawaii in few weeks, but I will be in Ohau. Are you in any gallerie's there?

  2. Aloha Little Lost Mermaid
    My art is sold on Maui
    check me out in Haiku if you make it over! thank you