Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning Yoga Gone WILD

I absolutely can not stand BORING exercise, I am a WORKOUT JUNKYand my exercises has to incorporate FUN, INSPIRATION, and CREATION of a fit MIND & BODYToday I was on a mission to gather more INSPIRATION for my BUDDHA SERIES and clear my head at the sametime!!!
My Thankful Buddha!
ISLAND INFO FOR THE DAY ~ This Green stick my friends Is a VANILLA BEAN
It will be ready to Pick when it turns half brown mmmm...
hmmm... mission accomplished me thinks!!!
I Wish you all a LOVELY DAY!
oh ... Note To Self:
BREATH Deeply ...   And..  Drink More Water!


  1. What a gorgeous and magical post...beautiful photos and what a wonderful adventure you have taken me on!Inspiring!

  2. Kiki I am sooo looking forward to visiting your blogs for inspirations throught my days. You work is wonderful. Many many thanks!

  3. sweet! What a great perspective and reminder to color practice in your own way!

  4. Lovely lovely photos. I adore the picture of YOU in the green green! BEAUTIFUL!
    Wishing you a happy weekend. xx