Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunny Grace

It is a quiet Sunshiny morning in Haiku
I am all surfed out (until this afternoon any way!) so my day is dedicated to painting
I am working on a new line of portraits for the Haiku Style Gallery
of women around the world

I am stretching my pallet
new color combos I would normally shy away from
textile and paper blending into my paintings etc...
But more importantly drawing attention to a feeling that has always been important to me as a woman

and that is...
 ~we look to each other~
 from mother to daughters
sister and friends
 we look to each other
 for advice
for inspiration
 for encouragement
~we are role models for our daughters...~

several of my new portraits are of my own daughter, myself,  family and friends
 as well as woman
whom I find inspirational
due to their
strong individual styles and caricature

The joy for me
is That each encounter I have
with a woman in her power
enriches my own life greatly

bringing these paintings out
which are the face of  feminine
Strength, Love and Beauty
I hope will
remind each of us 
to see our own Grace in each other

Blessings to each of you
Windy Spring 


  1. so sweet I love it sooo much. I love how your art really touches the soul -

    (just for fun too, I just added Laos to your country counter! -yea!)

  2. Laos... That's Soooo Coolio!!!
    Speaking Of Woman I Admire and look to for friendship and sharing of soulful moments!