Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Winter Wonderland ~ Hawaii

Up in the dark for Dawn Patrol
work all day
 hurry home
 get the boyz to the beach after school
so they can surf till dark.
No white Snow
Just loads of White Water
as swell after swell roll in day after day.
A lifetime supply of Antibiotic Ear Drops
 for the Family Who Surfs Together
Get Ear Infections Together!!!
Not much time for painting
everything that can wait
will be put off
till the flat days of summer.
For now
got to go check the surf report
hope the wind holds
at least a little.


  1. What a wonderful lifestyle! I'm huddled in a blanket at my desk while a layer of dark clouds leak raindrops outside. But it's in my blood so I'm happy.

    I wouldn't mind experiencing your climate for a winter though!

  2. Aloha Ms. Tammy, I'm so honored to have you visit my blog... i followed your link to yours... and I lOVE IT!!! however i couldnt figure out how to follow your blog so I will do my best to keep up with you there somehow.
    I gifted my sister with your art a while back and we are huge fans... Love your work so much thank you for the visit here and stay Dry Dear
    Mahalo Windy