Saturday, January 22, 2011

::::Club Haiku Salon::::ATTENTION MAUI GIRLS

If your a Maui Girl
and you have not been introduced to
Club Haiku Salon
you won't want to miss this intro!

I recently treated myself to
the best salon experience I have ever had.
~A little background about me~
I am a surf girl who spends everyday
outdoors and in the saltwater.
Needless to say my hair is (Or WAS)
a wreck.
It is usually orange colored from being dry and in the sun tooo much,
as well as
super dry
afro frizzed
and I always felt just Hopeless
About my Ugly Betty hair.

like every girl I would go to Salon after Salon praying for HELP

Well I finally after a lifetime
Amy & Heather Who knew Just what to Do to Rescue my
lost locks.
Not only did they repair my hair
give me a fabulous
Cut, Color &  Style
they also Gently tamed
my Freaky Frida Brows!!!

But what I really appreciated most about this Salon
was the time they spent.
I have always heard about these salon experiences
were you are pampered
but it seemed to be just a legend or something way beyond my price range...
Not this time!
I have never been soooo spoiled
Cared For 
and just fully
Given the Very Best
Special Treatment Ever.
If your looking for
a place on Maui
to get your Personal Style on
Don't Hesitate
Amy J. Polsky
810 Haiku Rd. #202
Haiku, Hi. 96708
 You are sure to have
a fantastic experience here!

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  1. Yay...what a fabulous post..sounds like such fun..wish i was there!! Beautiful!!.and loved reading this always captivate me with your words!! Enjoy your gorgeous new hair!! thanks for visiting me and leaving such super beautiful words!
    Sparkles always