Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 To have an ambitious plan...
or a lofty goal...

What are any of us drawn to
when we start off on

Images of  Wise Men so Old
they don't remember their own age...
who flex and float
with the ease of a child.

What are we drawn to?

Beautiful Young Woman
whose lithe strong flexible bodies
shine and glow...
radiating pure self confidence.

Where do we find the courage to even attempted a mission so far beyond most of our wildest dreams.
To get past the idea that most of these moves look like some wild circus performance.
How do we even get through the door of our first class???

Bottom line...
Because "we believe"
deep down inside in Ourselves
in our Own great God Given Bodies
that we 

With proper guidance and instruction
I too can set a new goal
reach a new level
be inspired to 

Yoga is 
A New Beginning, 
A New Promise of Hope,
  A Greeting of Fresh Air
in the Morning,
 and a Huge Hug to myself
Each & Every day!

 As I reach a new level in my performance
as I dream of my next goal
and visualise reaching yet one more accomplishment
Yoga no longer is just for OTHERS
for ME

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