Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maui Swap

I went to the Maui Swap meet yesterday...
 My daughter & I fell in love with these cool t-shirts from Thailand
with these rad old comic book prints on them. 
We bought a couple. 
When I handed the Little Thai Lady our Money
She Literally
Jumped up & down 3 times
and clapped her Hands...!!!

OMG I had to Giggle so hard
I Know exactly how she felt!
 I feel the same way every single time I sell a Painting!!!

What I think is really Wild
Is where they are going!

UK, Norway, New York, Japan, Brazil, Canada...

The List goes on and
I just feel so Amazed & Blessed every time.

 I Love to Imagine
who the new owners are...
 where they hang their new Painting!

To be a Fly Right!


  1. Thank you Ermin, You would get that! As a Coach & Competator you would know how each little success feels so HUGE!
    Randy got fourth in his heat at Honolua Bay. He said, "but Mom I only got fourth." NO WAY DUDE you didnt get 7th AND you learned so much more than before! I Celebrate Every Little thing in Life, Just like that Little Thai Woman, with a HUGE SMILE

  2. I will take a photo of my wall and post it on my blog to night! Im off to work now. But you can check out Dagnys at her coffee-table post.

    Frida is perfection! :)

    Have a wonderful day!