Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tons Of New Art Works For Upcoming Show

On top of getting together Daily Orders
to ship out
and restocking my
Local & Online Shops
I have been preparing
New Art Works
for an up coming show


Haiku Style Gallery
June 21st
Summer Solstice Celebration

I know a lot of my
Facebook Friends
are going to be On Island
so mark your calenders!

New Surf Art
Beach Girls
Romantic Beach Scenes
New Small Gift Paintings
Perfect for all areas of
Home Decor

I am so excited to share
These New Works with everyone
I have hardly been able to sleep at night
I am just obsessed!


  1. Oh wow, great artwork, Awe! You have got talent!
    Thanks for stopping by at 'Komma hem...' and for signing up to be my latest follower! My hopes are for you to feel very welcome and I hope you´ll find some inspirations along the way that you like!

  2. Tried to send this message via your webshop, not sure it worked...
    Hi Windy!
    Tina here, from Komma hem...
    I absolutely LOVE your paintings of Frida!
    Is the measures in 'inches'?
    Would you consider to send one of your paintings to Sweden? I´m afraid it´ll be damaged during shipping!?
    It says only 10 dollar in shipping cost???
    Thank you!

    Kind regards
    16 March 2011 3:33am EDT