Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Momma's in the Kitchen... Hawaiian Style

Your not allowed to be disgusted
because I already was!!!

This Young Dude
is My Son Ran
and this is what he brought me home
 (Like a Cat with a Mouse!)
 from our bay this evening
where he went diving
apparently for dinner
for me...
Not for himself
because he doesn't eat fish!

Yippee (intense sarcasm)
I Just kept screaming (Like a Girl)
Keep that Stinky thing
AWAY from me!!!
and off he went
to clean and cook it up
on the grill
you should have seen
how happy he was
when I nibbled it up
and of course
it was really quiet good
fresh fish!

In the end Lucky Me!!!
I didn't have to cook
and my not so little man
provided his first
big man meal
for his family

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