Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Island Holidays

For as Long as I have Lived in Hawaii
Nothing is As Special
as the Holidays

Auntie Michi's Art

Going to Aunties House
with all your Family
Neighbors & Coworkers

take off your shoes
Find a spot to sit your bag
And a Place on the table to share
the dish you brought

the Table is full

click the play button on this photo now
This song will be playing for sure

Soon after All the Good Grinds
and Talk Story
You will be Thinking of That Soft Pillow
a 10 Minute Nap
on that Cozy Bed in Aunties
Guest Room!
During which you still hear the sounds
of the get together
going on while you rest
The new Baby Cries
Island Style Music Plays
The older kids in the back yard
chasing the Rooster
the Dog Chasing Them
Uncle coughs...

Soft Aloha Spirits
Fill the Room
Comforting Feelings 
you will never

Cozy quilts by Harriett Alms

Wake Up Sleepy Head
For round two
For the extra Good Recipies
you know all the Aunties
have been Waiting
All Year to Try
Its time
Deserts and Tea
As you Wash up
Be sure to Slip an Extra
Take Home Gift into your Bag
For Nana
From Maui

We Wish You were Here
Driving Home
the Pueo
Flys over your Head

You say your
Thanks to God
for another
Wonderful Year
filled with Memories
For all
that you
Hold Dear in you Heart

Finally Home and Exhausted
You remove your Party Cloths
Lay Down your Head
Dream Sweet Dreams
Island Holiday
Full of  More Memories
to carries with you through out the Years!

Please Visit
Haiku Style Gallery
for your Holiday
Gift giving this Year
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