Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mermaid Lost her Fins

A Few times 
when I have been out Surfing
I have been Tagged 
by Jellyfish and Man~o~war
it's painful and makes me very sick
but it's part of the territory
part of the experience 
of being in the ocean
loving the waves

I had a dream the other night...
I got Stung
I was Hurt so Bad
that my Mer Fins disappeared 
(My Surfboard of Course)
I was so thankful 
that this Tiger Shark came to my Rescue
(My Knight Perhaps?!?)
taking me to shore on his back
(quiet different 
from other Shark Dreams
I have had after watching 
too Much
Shark Week!!!)

the Dream 
of a Surfer Girl 
Imaging the lesser 
of the Two Evils 
Being the Shark!

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