Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When Dogs Help...Elsie's Story

Elsie loves the water and playing ball. 
when she is in the kiddy pool she likes to blow bubbles.  
Here are some shots of her doing that.  
Can't wait to see what you will do with her! Susan

HOWDY! ( Texas version of ALOHA) 
Dear Windy WE LOVE  IT!!!  
Peter my husband came in this morning and said you want to see Elsie's portrait?
  I said is it good ?  
and he said oh yes!  
I know that it will even be better than we thought when we receive it.
 as all your work exceeds our expectations. 
 I used to manage an art gallery in Houston,
 I love your work. 
And I love the BUBBLES!!!!  
Elsie is only 2 years old 
last May Peter was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.
  My first thought with all that we had to do is how am I going to live without Peter
 and how am I going to take care of Peter 
and this highly energetic dog that needs a lot of attention?
  But through the Chemo process
 (every three weeks in the hospital for a week, for 6 months),
 Elsie became our healing balm when we returned from the hospital, 
and now I can't imagine not having her on this  journey.
    Peter is in full remission know and Elsie doesn't have to go to the "spa" anymore!
  This picture will be cherished for ever. 
   Love Susan and Peter and Elsie 

Dear Windy I just went back and took a closer look at Elsie's painting
  I noticed that she is actually under water in the ocean!!!
 My favorite thing to do is Scuba Diving !  
now I see the corals and fish  and I see Elsie's name in the corner
 I love it even more.  
I was a Volunteer diver at the Aquarium here in Texas 
and the tank that I was responsible for was the South Pacific Tank.
  The closes I have gotten to diving near Hawaii!
  I have only dove in the Caribbean.
  I often have dreams of diving in the ocean and being able to breath underwater
 without scuba gear
   Love it even more!!! 
can't wait for the mail. 

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