Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Such Drama

Such Drama
My Frida Shrine
referring back to yesterdays post
me being sick with Flu
and Frida's Life

Frida's life story
reminds me

I have 
 to complain about

the average person
cannot compare

my little Flu 
someone whose every day life
 is a health challenge

the difference is
 Black & White
Night & Day
Healthy &Not

even with a cold
I am different
Feeling Sorry for myself 
I am getting nothing done
of the things I would prefer to be doing
what I could be accomplishing 
if I wasn't put out
 by being put down

and yet here I am 
doing what I can
painting as much as possible
 when I'm not in bed
my head full of new ideas
 ready to be solidified
and I realize
this sickness
 has been a great 

no matter what my circumstance
 Frida proved that I can always create
 make a difference
  leave my mark in my own way
may be not under the circumstance
 that I wanted

some people have
 a life
much more dramatic
 than my own
I wonder what great things
they are doing

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