Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Story For the Boys about BIG FISH

At all times
this is a house
 full of boys
who run in and out

muddy shoes
big trucks
boy toys 
 as well as boy kine  jobs

my lover boy is a landscaper by trade
it's a physical job
that sometimes involves danger
with large tools

this week
 he had an unfortunate accident
with the point of a sharp blade
 while cutting some unruly vines

if you are sickened by the color red
 you will not like this next picture
 being boys
 they always want to show off
 their big wounds
and the biggg
tools they make the big wounds with
my daughter picked up a term from my cousin
last fall
for when someone tells a bigggg story
she says
and the fish got bigger
well in this case...

needless to say
it has been a stressful last few days
Helping my sweet recover
 from sinking that blade
 1 and a 1/2 inches
 deep in his hand
 while the lead man
 of the
 Haiku Surf Crew
 is out of the water
I have been making
New Pin Up Girl Arts
 for the boys
 gotta luv em

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