Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Wanna Be A Pirate

As I think about
 Getting my Next 
Body Ink work done

Something that Represents for me
my life at sea
 our New Little Pooch
 is Teething on my finger
 and I wonder
if I were a Mer Girl

who would Snuggle Me
be my Trusty
If I were a Mer Girl
I would have a Lobster for a Poodle
 "I Wanna Be a Pirate"
with a Pirate Tattoo

 This art work
is part of my Private Collection
A Series of Three Paintings so far

A Collection Entitled
"Bury me at Sea"
what I think about
while spending so much time
in the ocean
as a Surfer

Thanks for Visiting my Blog
Mahalo Nui Loa
Windy Spring

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