Saturday, March 26, 2011

The meaning of "Aloha"

Recently a Dear Friend
sent me this book from Oahu
Practice Aloha:
The Secrets
to Living Life
Hawaiian Style
A De~Vine Book That defines the
meaning of Aloha through
some of  our Island Peoples
 It inspired me to share with you what
You may think I a shameless promoter
of Timpone Surfboards
and I am!!!
I don't Deni it!
But there is a reason WHY

When I was young
I moved to Hawaii
My senses where over whelmed
Salty air, smell of the Plumarias,
tropical Breeze
typical feeling of  
welcome the islands have
for those who visit or are coming home

but for me SURFING was my ultimate
for several years
I never had a surfboard
I would be on the beach 
feeling so Sad
watching ~ watching

I would hear that a swell was coming
and I would be there... without a board...

my first up close encounter
with a real surfboard
finally happened
it was a Timpone Long board
and I wont ever forget that

ever after
seeing a Timpone Board at the beach
became part of my Surf watching experience
WHO was riding a TIMPONE board
What kind
What shape
I was obsessed

Timpone Surfboards
became linked
 to my emotions that defined Hawaii

I loved Hawaii
I loved Timpone Boards
I noticed that
those who surfed Timpone boards
where into Aloha Surfing
Surfing For Surf Surfing
Surfing For FUN
non aggressive Peace Surfers

So I finely met Jeff Timpone
and had him build me my
Timpone board
When I went to pick it up
I was Soooo Happy I Cryed!

This meant I could finally join in the Fun
I could be a surfer
not just an observer
I was so grateful
the Aloha Flowed through me

Aloha Is the Feeling I have
when I get out of the water
when I am
Surf Saturated
That's when my Aloha is the Strongest

When I have the Most Aloha To Give

I could have Aloha Without the ocean
I could surf  Other surfboards
 I could live on other Islands
I don't 

Tell Me
what inspires your

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