Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Time to clean the Jungle Pad

But my
not so little
Garden variety Spidey friend
gets to stay put

has it's own way
of cleaning up the mosquito population in
the wet and rainy Jungle of Haiku
you see

Now that the trade winds are back
the winter mud is drying up
its time to put the Studio back in order
clean up the muddy foot prints
wipe the salt off the windows
 to brighten the ocean view
let the Colors of Spring
Cheer up the Place



  1. the art on here is beautiful!..adding u to my feed

  2. Thank you So much Lorena...
    and I also am following your Blog
    The whole world is right there before my eyes laid out Beautifully.
    Many Mahalos
    Windy Spring

  3. Thanks for following me. I enjoy looking at your artwork. You're incredibly talented. I especially enjoy the one on this post. So much colors! :)