Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hawaiian Coconut Smoothie...Yum!

It's Hot... Caliente!!!
And the perfect fix
for a day like this is a Smoothie

when I think Smoothie
I think
I started this one with
fresh coconut water
then spooned out the coconut meat

and added a 1/2 tsp. of
extra virgin coconut oil
from Appleby Farms

Squeeze of Lemon

Frozen Papaya
Mango & Strawberry

~This is so exciting~
my Secret ingredient
the seeds from a fresh curred
vanilla bean

also from Appleby Farms
coming soon to my Etsy Shop

and Wa Laaa
A cool Treat for a Summery day
Great for
 Healthy Younger Clearer Skin
  Weight Loss & Maintenance

Tastes & Smells
 Like a Coconut Cream Pie!
You'll Never Know how good
till you Try!


  1. Wow! Sounds fabulous! So craving it now :)

  2. Ha! Jen!!! Ran Came Running down the Driveway from school Yesterday in a Big Rush...He had been craving a Smoothie all day at school!!!
    I had to laugh!

    Smoothies have to be the easiest Kid Food Ever!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these! It looks delicious! Thanks!...Daniel

  4. I have been having Smoothies every day now for a good solid month and my skin looks and feels amazing, my energy is up up up.... besides how Yummy they taste. the Best treat ever!

    Thank you Daniel I am glad you Enjoyed

  5. hmmmmmm this looks so yummi

    now i am figuring out how to find some vanilla bean here in SP...

    can't wait to try this recipe of yours!

    tks for sharing

    kss bye