Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tour of Appleby Farms

Welcome to Appleby Farms

Mike is a dear friend of mine from Ho'okipa
 and a fellow Surfer of Timpone Boards

He and His wife are extremely passionate
about their farm here in Haiku Maui

I was sooo excited for the tour today 
To learn about how Vanilla grows in Hawaii
the process of making coconut oil.

What I learned is
(and painters!!!)
will Never get Paid for what they do
it's an insane amount of work
That is done for Love.

At a certain time every morning
when vanilla flowers are blooming
Mike will pollinate his flowers as they open. 
he says he pollinates around 100 flowers a day
It takes over an hour of delicate handy work
to simulate what bugs normally do
in other parts of the world where vanilla is grown.

Here in Hawaii we do not have the bug
that pollinates the flower and it must be done by hand
in order to produce a Vanilla Bean.

This is what the Vanilla looks like
as it grows

and after it has been
dried and cured properly

If you could only smell the Vanilla
 you would be having the full effect
of the tour right here with me!!!

These are Mikes Coconut trees
First thing he does is climb these trees
to pick his coconuts

(No thank you that's over 30 feet up)
( ( and Coconuts are freaking HEAVY ))

then he husks the nuts
( that's NOT easy either)

then he grates the meat

with this handy tool bench he made just for this purpose
after about 30~60 coconuts later
he will begin the processing...

coconut milk...

lots of other steps...
 ( I got so lost... )

Coconut Protein 
 coconut candy or sugar

somewhere along the way they make the oils

All I can say is it is soooo much
labor intensive

We got to talk Story awhile
Mike told me that when he was young
he spent several years living on Guam
and then in Japan.
  He developed a Taste for South Pacific Cuisine
spurring his desire to try new things
grow unusual produce here in Hawaii

What is this you ask
 I'll give you a hint...
it's called

but that is a story for another day
after another harvest

Aloha from Appleby Farms
Haiku Maui Hawaii


  1. That was a lovely tour thank you, what a great farm and sweet product, I am sure you will sell heaps. Your blog is a beautiful art cb

  2. Oh. My. God.

    Thank you so much for inviting me in to your world and sharing this Wendy.

    And dont tell me that I can purchase Organic grown Vanilla on Etsy!??

    I am defenitly trying that out! And probably have to share it on my blog too!

    Please visit my blog and join my give Away. Norwegian hanidcrafted handpurse up for gives!

    Love from Oslo :)