Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Home for my Bees

My Neighbor
 gave me a
 Pot of Honey
From Their own Bee Hive
 Right Here in Haiku
Hands Down 
The Very Best Honey
 I ever Tasted
I Finally got inspired 
to put up our Bee House 

It was the Perfect Sunny Day for Bee enticing
  Now that it is Officially SPRING
 there may be a Bee Family on the Move
I Hoped
 as I dotted Honey
 on some Ti Leaves
 Near the Place I Chose
 for my Bees to Live!

A Nice Location
Not Too Sunny
A Little Breezy
Lots of Christmas Berry Blossoms
 on the Trees above
that I know they Enjoy

I Cleaned Up the Bee Box
put the Wax on to Melt
 with in Five Minutes
I had 
I felt Just like Winnie the Poo

Christopher Robin 
Can You Point me in the Direction
 of those Bees

When will They Move in???
Will they Like Living in our Hood???
Most importantly 
when will I be able 
to stick my nose
 in the 
Honey Pot?
All I can do now is Wait
and Wish you all
Happy Spring 

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