Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swimming with the Turtles

 Swam With the turtles today
and by 
This Little Mermaid
I do mean ME!!!

I was so Thankful to be
 back in the water
 after having been sick 
for ten days
recovery has been slow
 but the Ocean did 
what it does best
 and made me forget
 I was ever down
I was so Lucky
 to be able to work a bit This week
 even though 
I was running a fever
(Soooo Gross)
 I got the paint job done
 on this board that Timpone shaped
 and it went back to the glassing room
to be finished

 I bet the guy
 this board was made for
 was swimming with the Turtles
 on his New Board today

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