Sunday, May 13, 2012

Half Way Between Earth & Sea

Most of you know I am a Surfer Girl
so mermaids 
have always sort of 
been my thing

when I was a kid 
I learned to paint
I primarily painted portraits
with the concept that the result
 should look exactly like the person
so as a painter
 I know I can do that


my inner artist
 wants to find the art 
that is outside myself
somewhere half way between
 the earth and the sea
 is the girl
 who imagines life as a mermaid
under the sea life is blurry 
not well defined at all
for a Mer Girl 
things are down right strange 
how did she even get there
 how did she even breath
 her first breath of salt
 any way
what does a mer girl see
 when she looks in that broken Mirror
 at the bottom 
of the deep blue sea

not the detailed portrait 
an earth girl sees 
that's for sure

life halfway between earth and sea is seen with much softer eyes 
of that I am sure

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