Sunday, May 20, 2012

Remain Calm ~ Graduation Week

It's Graduation Week 
for the King K Seniors
My two Teens
 are Feeling the Excitement
 as their Friends are 
Looking ahead
Moving on
 Starting some New Adventures

A Mer Girl 
Whom has Recently Lost Her Earth Feet
Finds Herself unexpectedly adrift
 at Sea
 would have to be experiencing
 some Very Unusual Moments

  Traveling thru unknown Territory
 Meeting New Friends

 Being the New Fish in Town
 not Even Quiet sure
 how to swim on her own two fins Yet

 Some days when I am out Surfing
 The water Is
 then usual

Schools of Fish
 Fly thru the Line up

a Hawaiian Monk Seal 
might  Swim by
 Popping it's Head up to check me out
Wondering Who is in 
The Turtles are always Near by

  AND Yes...
 I ask Myself
Do I Go or Do I Stay

That's just about the same time
 that every one else
 in the line up
 will have caught a wave
 and Leave me
 Sitting on my Board
 all alone

There are always 
Strange Fish
 in the Sea

If I allow myself 
to get too Nervous
then I can not Surf

I miss Waves

Fear will make me Stiffen up
the opposite of adrenaline
 which can give you
Some Wild Strength
Panic and Fear
 make me Immobile
The Last thing I want to be
 in the Face of a New Challenge
So I Remind Myself

Remain Calm
Catch the Wave

Congratulations Class of 2012

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